Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Internet Law

It was nice being able to share some thoughts on Internet Law with fellow colleagues last Saturday. The press gave it good coverage although one of made an error about where registrations may be made. For the record, registrations for content providers who must do so can go to the Media Development Unit at the Ministry of Communication.

The topics on cyberbullying, loss of privacy and social networking seem to strike a chord with the parents among the audience. I still think that many teens and younger users of the Net do not realise the potential damage and risks posed to their future careers by simply uploading pictures and comments about themselves and others. FaceBook minimum age requirement of  13 years of age for its users underline the need to be more aware of the issues facing younger users. We really don't need any more cases like Megan Meier's.

Till the next time, stay safe on the Net

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