Monday, 31 May 2010

Media and the Law Seminar Concludes

The Media and the Law seminar concluded successfully on 25th May. The theme of 'Exploring the Limits of Media Expression' saw contributions from representatives of the media from Brunei, Singapore and Malaysia. Each speaker shared their experiences with the participants.

The wrap up was covered pretty well by the local press along with some insights on the other speaker's presentations.

Although some sparks did fly, it was a calm and collected affair throughout - whether due to indifference or inexperience, its hard to pinpoint any one reason. I have no doubt that the media in Brunei now have some awareness of the laws that effect their field. However, whether they will learn from the experiences shared remains to be seen. The very next day, a report by a seasoned reporter failed to obtain the views of the other side when reporting a story. If the seniors don't know basic rules of journalism, what hope can we expect from the younger ones.

Nevertheless, a good first time effort by the Attorney General's Chambers in putting the event together. Here's looking forward to the next one.

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